Group Info

Dada motors was established in 1962 under the vision and leadership of Mr. Suraj Dada. Dada Motors is a home to Mahindra, Mahindra Commercial, Bajaj, Nissan, Kia, KTM, Tata Commercial, Tata, JLR, HP, Tata Hitachi. We have over 48 dealerships and workshops all across Punjab. Dada Motors is a one stop shop dealing in automobiles from 2 wheelers to 18 Wheelers. We have now also expanded our business to Southern Africa where we are distributors for Bajaj in South Africa and Madagascar. With a turnover of over 850Cr. The Dada Motors brand instills trust and confidence in every customer that walks through our doors.

People & Customer Philosophy

The Anthem “Relationship Through Services” itself depicts that our team of 1200 employees is devoted to the common goal of delivering unmatched service to its customers & hence binds the customer in a lifelong relationship.The focus on employee satisfaction has made Dada Motors to be better equipped to respond to faster changing customer demands.